FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions, and their answers.


How much SHIELD is required to create a masternode?

200,000 (two hundred thousand) SHIELD will required for each masternode, once they launch onto mainnet. At this stage, masternodes are still in testnet, and are not yet deployed on mainnet.


Is there a list of pools that I can use for mining?

Yes, please find pools, and their supported algorithms, here.

Wallet/Daemon Use

How do I extract the bootstrap for faster syncing of the Core wallet?

Please see here.

Where is the SHIELD Core data folder located?


Location (shorthand)

Location (full)





~/Library/Application Support/SHIELD

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SHIELD




You can also reach this folder by choosing Tools -> Open Data Folder with the latest Core wallet (v3.0.4.3+).

Why does my Android wallet have no connections?

The current version of the Android wallet has been deprecated until a newer version is developed.

You can access the funds stored in your Android wallet by importing them into the Electrum wallet. Please see here to get started!

How do I update the SHIELD Core wallet when a new version is released?

Please see here.

How can I add SHIELD to my pool?

Please make sure to do the following:

  • Set up a separate data directory and daemon for each of the six PoW algorithms you wish to include on the pool (not required if you are choosing only one algorithm).

    • Note: you can use the --datadir="/path/to/datadir" argument when launching shieldd or shield-qt to specify your data directory.

  • Add the following lines in the SHIELD configuration file SHIELD.conf inside the data directory:

    • the algo= flag: specify one of the following algos: scrypt, x16s, x17, lyra2v2, myriad-groestl or blake2s

    • the deprecatedrpc=accounts line: this line is required for some pools like YiiMP.

    • Each daemon (one for each algorithm) should have its own blocknotify= line, pointing to its respective stratum.

  • Enable the mining of segwit blocks in your pool settings (Settings -> Use segwit on YiiMP pools)

  • Enable Settings -> Has getinfo if your pool is a YiiMP pool.

If you desire more specific guidance, join our Discord and please (nicely) ask one of our fantastic pool operators!

How do I add Tor nodes to the Core wallet?

Please see here.