Discord Bot Guide


The Discord Bot includes some features usable in the SHIELD Discord server, our main chat server. One of these is the ability to use it as a standard SHIELD wallet.

Getting Started

Setting up the wallet

  1. Firstly, join the SHIELD Discord.

  2. Go to the #bot-commands channel on the left-hand side.

  3. Type !deposit to generate your deposit address.

You can now accept tips, rains, and also receive funds directly into your deposit address.

Discord Bot Usage

Main commands

Here are the main commands you can use with the SHIELD bot. Simply type them in the #bot-commands channel and the bot will respond appropriately.


View a short description of the main bot commands.


View current SHIELD trading statistics, like current average trade price, etc.

Results are obtained from the Coinmarketcap API.


Generate (and see) your personal SHIELD deposit address.

!rain <amount> <spread>

Distribute SHIELD randomly over a specified amount of people.

  • <amount> is the total amount of SHIELD you want to distribute in the rain.

    • Minimum amount is 10, maximum amount is 500.

  • <spread> is the amount of people you want to send SHIELD to.

    • Minimum spread is 1, maximum spread is 50.

The amount of SHIELD received by each person is <amount> / <spread>


  • !rain 20 10

    • This will send 2 SHIELD each, to 10 random people.


View the current SHIELD balance in your Discord wallet.

!withdraw <amount> <address>

Withdraw/send an amount of your SHIELD to another SHIELD address (-0.05 XSH network fee).

  • <amount> is the amount of SHIELD you want to send.

    • If you wish to send your entire balance, please use all instead of a number. Trying to send all your funds by manually specifying your remaining balance will fail, due to the network fee.

  • <address> is the SHIELD address to send your SHIELD.


  • !withdraw 50 ERD9SiaQG2tcik7jgQSgTFaqTcFH7m3qNS

  • !withdraw all ERD9SiaQG2tcik7jgQSgTFaqTcFH7m3qNS

Donates an amount of SHIELD to the team.

  • <amount> is the amount of SHIELD you want to donate.

    • Please note, there is no minimum or maximum amount.


  • !donate 25

!bet <amount>

Try your luck! You can win or lose an amount of SHIELD.

  • <amount> is the amount of SHIELD you want to bet.

    • Minimum amount is 10, maximum amount is 500.

    • If you don't specify an amount, the default amount is 50.


  • !bet

    • Bet amount becomes 50.

  • !bet 20

    • Bet amount is 20.

!hashprofit <hashrate> <algo>

A mining profitability calculator - estimate earnings for a given hashrate on one of SHIELD's algos.

  • <hashrate> is a number, representing your mining hashrate in MH/s (equivalent to 10^3 kH/s or 10^6 H/s).

  • <algo> is one of the six SHIELD algorithms.

    • These are: scrypt, x16s, x17, lyra2v2, myr-gr or blake2s

Results are obtained from Mikanoshi's Blockstats API.


  • !hashprofit 8 myr-gr

  • !hashprofit 245 lyra2v2

!tip @<user> <amount>

Tip a Discord wallet user an amount of SHIELD.

  • @<user> is the Discord mention tag for the user you want to tip. If this user does not have their own Discord wallet yet, the bot will let you know.

  • <amount> is the amount of SHIELD you want to tip.


  • !tip @NullFunction 10

Receiving SHIELD

The deposit address you received during set up can be given to others, and they can use this address to send you SHIELD.

You can also receive SHIELD from other Discord wallet users directly with the tip command.

Sending SHIELD

You can send SHIELD to other wallets with the withdraw command, or to other Discord users with the tip command.