The SHIELD Wallets - Overview

Here is a list of all the official SHIELD wallets you can use, and guides for using each.

Local wallets

The local wallets keep your private keys on your computer, and use internet services only to facilitate necessary communication with the rest of the SHIELD network.

However, you should be vigilant; the local wallets are vulnerable to attack by computer viruses, unlike the offline wallets.

a. The SHIELD Core wallet

  • The backbone of the SHIELD network and the reference wallet client.

  • The Turbo wallet is functionally identical to the standard Core wallet, but has a faster start-up time, and is in testing.

b. The SHIELD Electrum wallet

  • An easy-to-use, secure and lightweight alternative wallet, recommended for all casual users.

Online wallets

These wallets are run by online servers, so this means the servers hold your private keys, and you are trusting the servers to keep them safe. They are easy to access worldwide and on all your devices, and do not require any special knowledge to set up and use. However, they are not as functionally robust as the local wallets.

c. The SHIELD Webwallet

  • An online wallet accessed through your web browser; convenient for users that wish to access their funds from all their devices, whenever and wherever they are.

d. The SHIELD Discord Bot wallet

  • An online option for users that hang out in the SHIELD Discord server, our main chat server (please join us if you haven't already!).

Offline wallets

These wallets hold coins offline in a secure fashion, and keep your private keys separate from computers and other devices. Coins stored in these wallets are much harder for potential viruses/hackers to steal, however they may not be as functionally robust as the local wallets.

e. The SHIELD Paper wallet

  • An option for users that are not comfortable with local and online wallets, and wish to store coins for prolonged periods. A wallet is generated with an open-source, verifiable generator, and can be printed onto a piece of paper and safely stored.