Webwallet Guide


The SHIELD Webwallet is a simple-to-use, convenient online alternative to the local wallets. By signing in to the online Webwallet, you can receive and send SHIELD from all of your devices, without needing to worry about network updates, etc.

While very convenient, there is also a relative downside: you will be trusting the Webwallet server to keep your SHIELD safe, as opposed to the local wallets, where you hold all of your keys.

Getting Started

Setting up the wallet

If you choose to enable 2FA (two-factor-authentication), you must scan the QR code and add it immediately. There is no step to confirm your 2FA (i.e. no confirmation dialog which asks for a generated code), and there is also no way to disable 2FA at this time.

  1. To make a Webwallet account, please visit the signup page here.

  2. Enter your desired username, and then type your desired password, and once again to confirm.

  3. Follow the prompts to pass the captcha, and then you will have your own SHIELD Webwallet account.

  4. You should be send back to the homepage if successful. From there, hit Login to access your new account.

Webwallet Usage

Receiving SHIELD

To receive SHIELD with the Webwallet, please:

  1. Go to the Send/Receive tab.

  2. In the Receive XSH section, click on + ADD ADDRESS to generate your own SHIELD receive address.

You should now see a new address, which you can copy and send to other people. They can use this receive address to send you SHIELD.

Sending SHIELD

To send SHIELD with the Webwallet, please:

  1. Go to the Send/Receive tab.

  2. In the Send XSH section, enter/paste the address you wish to send SHIELD to in the Address field.

  3. Enter the amount you want to send in the Amount field. Please realise that <fee is XYZ>

  4. Enter your Webwallet accoutn password in the Password field, and press the SEND button to finish sending your SHIELD.

If any of the values (address/amount/password) were invalid, you will receive an error.

Setting up 2FA (two-factor-authentication)

  1. Go to the Profile tab.

  2. Hit Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

  3. Make absolutely sure you have a way to generate one-time 6 digit authentication codes (e.g. apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc) before you proceed. At this time, two-factor-authentication cannot be turned off if you proceed. To proceed, hit Enable.

  4. Please scan the displayed QR code with a authenticator app, and use the generated codes the next time you log in to your Webwallet account.